Month: October 2018

The Best Tips to Use Your Car Less

When you step out of the door, you prefer to land outside with your car key.  No matter even if it is a nearer place congested with traffic.  But using your car less makes your life easy and saves money.  Read on for the best tips to minimize your car usage:

Walking- At least for visiting nearby places, try walking.  As a result, health improves.obesity-related health woes are increasing in today’s world.  The absence of exercises like walking and jogging causes diabetes and leads to heart diseases.  So walking will be the best alternative to the car.

Cycling- Cycling is also a good exercise.  Cycles can be used instead of cars to commute short distances.  Especially a cycle can easily find its way in the narrowest gap and hence provides big relief during peak traffic hours.

Hoverboard – If you have a craze on technology and looking for something new in moving about, please try Hoverboard.  Hoverboards at Offroadhoverboard offer easy transportation at a lower cost.  The Hoverboard is self-balancing scooter which needs to be charged for 2-3 hours daily.  They are easy to carry.

Public transport:  Try using public transport where ever it is available instead of your car.  They are cheap.  They are convenient, especially during long-distance travels.

Pooling the cars:  Reach out to your friends and colleagues and form a carpool.  People traveling from same starting points and destinations can meet enroute and travel in the same car instead of using your own car for the travel of one single person.

Work from home:  If your organization allows, opt to work from home.  This will reduce the use of the car.

Avoid multiple trips:  Plan and combine all the trips on the same route and complete it as a single trip.  Avoid multiple trips and reduce car usage.