Month: November 2018

Here’s How Woman Is Disrupting The Auto Mechanic Industry

The auto mechanic industry was always believed to be a male-dominated society. Women today are entering into this industry and disrupting it.

The automobile industry is an established one and at Luxtime see how women have entered and disrupted this male-dominated the industry.

More women in this industry

Women are believed to be amiss-fit in this industry but there are many who have made an entrepreneurship venture into this industry. Women are today more into the powerful parts of this business which includes managerial positions in this industry. The value of hiring women in this industry is huge and women are getting more empowered in this industry now.

The journey was not easy

Therearechallengesthough when it comes to women entering into the industry, which has been a male-dominated one since ages. The major problem women face is to be taken as granted. They do not see themselves heard and they feel that they are not valued at all.

There are many things that do stop women from entering into this industry. If the truth is told then women know to take care of the cars and they are capable of adding more value to the business and offer better service to the customers.

Women need equal rights

A female mechanic should be given the freedom and the space to work. They should be able to function at the same level as in the male-dominated the industry. The women should not is judged since they are equally knowledgeable and confident and are excited about the cars.

It is almost in the culture that women do not understand cars. It is something that has been taught from the beginning that cars are not a woman’s business, let the men handle it. The industry does say that it wants more of female leaders but there is still some bias against women in this industry. This is a big hindrance in their career and in most cases pushes them out. But the trend is changing and today many women have even started their own car repair shops and these shops are running well with female employees.

6 Reasons Why a Jump Starter Beats Booster Cables

With winter approaching fast it is sane to be prepared for inclement weather. One of the much talked about items everywhere is the usefulness of booster cables and jump starter. While both of them are essential to revive a dead engine and help in emergencies the jump starter just edges past the booster cables in terms of convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Here are six reasons to convince you to carry the jump starter with you every time you step out henceforth.

  1. It is not enough to have booster cables with you, as you are not independent with them; you need another vehicle, a host vehicle to pull you through but that is not the case with the jump starter which needs to be just connected to the vehicle to get it started.
  2. With booster cables, the position of your vehicle plays a major role in their being useful. The host vehicle must be at a minimum distance to reach the stalled vehicle’s battery.
  3. If booster cables are not connected correctly, they can be dangerous to both the vehicles as sparks can result and can even lead to explosions. They can also damage the electrical components in either of the vehicles.
  4. Booster cables involve two connections whereas jump starter there is just one pair to connect which is simple and not confusing
  5. Not all host cars will have the capacity to rev up another car’s engine even if the booster cables are joined correctly. This is especially true of old cars with outdated electrical systems in place.
  6. Booster cables are not suitable for modern vehicles because invariably there is a transfer of noise which can lead to voltage fluctuations in the new car with a sensitive electrical component. Whereas jump starters are designed to help the vehicle battery in a dire situation and hence such problems will not occur.

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The Coolest Yacht and Luxury Car Crossover Projects in 2018

Every year new kinds of yachts and luxury cars are introduced into the market with varied exciting features and designs. People are spoilt for options. There are cars and yachts to satisfy the needs of everybody. The specifications differ from each model and you could pick the latest one from the choices available. All the option of yachts can be viewed here 4yacht.

Coolest yachts

Sycara V- The interior of this yacht is modern and contemporary and gives a feel of penthouse because of the wide open spaces with an airy and light palette of pastel and blue colored fabrics.  The staterooms could be converted to suites and have multiple dining options, climate- controlled gym, along with massage treatment room and steam shower.

Hermitage- This yacht is built in steel with superstructure done by aluminum. The final result is a breathtaking beauty with black and white paint job.  It has 2 staterooms that can accommodate 12 guests.

Lady S- It has low emission ensigns, zero pollution air conditioning and refrigeration system. Also, it has a salt-water fed sanitary system. The interiors are so beautiful and are decorated with the Ruhlmann furniture from the period of French art deco.

Luxury car crossovers

BMWX3- The latest BMW X3 is a rear-drive rather than the front-drive and all-wheel drive comes as optional.

Mercedes- Benz- GLC- This is the compact crossover SUV which is less expensive when compared to GLA- class.  The turbocharged four-cylinder engine powers all four or the rear wheels.

Audi Q5- The Audi crossover is available in Hybrid, 3.0T,2.0T and SQ5 model series.

Lexus NX- It is a compact SUV model with gas-electric hybrid or 4-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive comes as optional, standard front-wheel drive and sportiest version are known as F sport.

Acura RDX- It is equipped with a standard V-6 engine and dynamic styling and can seat up to 5 people.…

The Ultimate Guide: Choosing And Buying New Car Parts Online

Choosing to buy the car parts online could be a daunting task. The many varieties on offer in the online sites mean that it only makes it more confusing.

At we guide you on how to choose and buy the car parts online.

What do you want?

You have to be clear on what you want. Make a list of things that you wish to purchase, assess your needs and stick to your list. Refrain from impulsive buying.

Know about the online store

It is important that as a buyer you be aware of the online frauds. If you just do a Google search to buy the car radiators online, a number of online stores will pop up. But the first company that you see or the company that is offering you the best bargain may not be the best one. Make sure that you understand about the company and its policies before you purchase through them. The online site should be reputed one and also should have a good shipping and return policy.

Customer service

The online website that you wish to buy from should have good customer service in place. Are they located in the same state as you? They should be ready to assist you with your purchase.

Online sales

It makes sense to buy when there are online sales. These happen from time and time and lets you save on a huge amount of money. But if you think that the prices are too low or too good to be true then it could be that the product is fake. In such cases depend on the reputed online store and do not just get lured by the discounts.

Is the online store knowledgeable and are they passionate about what they do? If the answer to these questions is a yes then in all probability you are on a reputed online site.

Top 10 Ways To Beat Stress While Stuck In A Traffic Jam

Read on to know about the top 10 ways to beat stress while landlocked in a traffic jam:

  1. Listening to something:  Listen to melodious music or motivational talk or anything of your choice.  You may be so busy with your work that you never heard the latest music album of your favorite  Take this opportunity and start listening.
  2. Meditation: I can hear you laughing. There are types of meditations which do not require the closing of eyes.  Those can be done parallelly when you are doing some other work like driving.  This will reduce your anxiety level.
  3. Reading: Take this chance to use your time in reading little books, inspirational quotes on life, small articles in e-magazine etc.
  4. Chat happily: When you are driving alone use the time to call your loved ones.  If you are traveling with the loved one, just engage in a happy chat.  Discuss pleasant things and beat stress.
  5. Games: Start playing some sweet game like guess the next song
  6. Cleaning: Clean and arrange the things within the reach.  Always stock some tissues in the car.  Wipe the areas near your seat.  Arrange the scattered papers and magazines inside the car neatly
  7. List out: Prepare a list of things to be done during the weekend, grocery and shopping list.
  8. Finish petty works: Finish small jobs like calling and reminding plumber, completing the online transfer, checking easy recipes etc.  These will not make you deeply involved and are tiny jobs which you can do while keeping an eye on the road situation.
  9. Food: Stock a few items like biscuits and dry fruits.  You can munch them and save yourself from hunger pangs due to delay.
  10. Exercise: You can do simple neck exercises and hand stretching exercises.  Breathing exercise can be done in AC car.