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5 Reasons Why Car Insurance Is So Expensive for Young Drivers

Read on to know the top 5 reasons why car insurance is so expensive for young drivers:

Speed:  Young people tend to drive at high speeds.  When young, people would be at the peak of their energy and enthusiasm.  The thrill is so important for them.  It brings more excitement and happiness.  Young people tend to compete with each other.  As a result of over speed, they tend to make accidents frequently.  When the damages claimed are at a higher side, naturally, the insurer rates them as a risky client.  Hence high premiums are quoted for young drivers.

Low experience level:  Young drivers must be in their initial stages of driving experience.  The more experienced drivers tend to make accidents rarely.  Of course, experience comes with age.  People become more efficient in handling tough road situations only when they have more experience.

More distraction:  Young drivers are addicted to gadgets.  They have more distractions like speaking in mobiles, checking messages, apps etc.  This is the main reason for accidents.  One minute of minor distraction during a crucial phase of travel can create major havoc causing damage to assets and lives.  That is the reason why insurance is expensive for them.  Luckily one can use couponobox to get favorable deals while buying insurance.

The high rate of alcoholism:  Young people consume alcohol at a high rate.  Drinking and driving is a punishable act.  Drunken persons have the risk of losing their lawsuits even when the mistake is not theirs in an accident.  So insurance is expensive for them.

Low responsibility:  Responsible attitude comes with age.  Young people, being at the beginning of their life and career, take impulsive decisions.  They lack in thinking on long-perspectives.  They ack in patience and have poor driving records.

Statistics:  Accident statistics are not favorable for young drivers.  It is one of the vital parameters for fixing the insurance premium.…