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Here’s How Woman Is Disrupting The Auto Mechanic Industry

The auto mechanic industry was always believed to be a male-dominated society. Women today are entering into this industry and disrupting it.

The automobile industry is an established one and at Luxtime see how women have entered and disrupted this male-dominated the industry.

More women in this industry

Women are believed to be amiss-fit in this industry but there are many who have made an entrepreneurship venture into this industry. Women are today more into the powerful parts of this business which includes managerial positions in this industry. The value of hiring women in this industry is huge and women are getting more empowered in this industry now.

The journey was not easy

Therearechallengesthough when it comes to women entering into the industry, which has been a male-dominated one since ages. The major problem women face is to be taken as granted. They do not see themselves heard and they feel that they are not valued at all.

There are many things that do stop women from entering into this industry. If the truth is told then women know to take care of the cars and they are capable of adding more value to the business and offer better service to the customers.

Women need equal rights

A female mechanic should be given the freedom and the space to work. They should be able to function at the same level as in the male-dominated the industry. The women should not is judged since they are equally knowledgeable and confident and are excited about the cars.

It is almost in the culture that women do not understand cars. It is something that has been taught from the beginning that cars are not a woman’s business, let the men handle it. The industry does say that it wants more of female leaders but there is still some bias against women in this industry. This is a big hindrance in their career and in most cases pushes them out. But the trend is changing and today many women have even started their own car repair shops and these shops are running well with female employees.