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4 Things to Know About Your Car Radiator and How to Keep It Cool

Car radiator is an important part necessary for proper car engine function. So these are 4 things to know about your car radiator and here is how to keep it cool.

  1. Clogged Radiator

There are external and internal reasons that clog your radiator stopping the airflow like insects, cold spots, dirt, or floating dirt by contaminates in coolants. Wait for the car engine to cool down and then open the radiator cap to check for brownish discoloration. You might need a set of ratcheting wrenches to open it up to check for floating dirt by coolant in the reservoirs.

  1. Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat is another common reason for the car engine to overheat. This valve is a vital part of the radiator and if remains closed then hot water cannot escape out of the system to get cooled in the radiator. Replace if the valve is not functioning properly and keep your car cool!

  1. Heat Exchange Metals

Car parts and accessory manufacturers first used metals like brass core and copper core to build a radiator. Modern car makers are making these using aluminium core with plastic tanks as they are light weight and also budget – friendly. Copper and brass radiators take longer to cool while aluminium takes less time to cool and this is another reason for such replacements.

  1. Low Coolant Levels

This is the most common and biggest reason why overheating happens in cars and other vehicles. Engine coolants are made from water and anti-freeze fluids flushed. They are flushed near the car engine to keep it from heating or cooling it down. Anti-freeze keeps the water in the radiator from freezing in cold climate and heating up in hot climate countries. When there is a drop in the coolant level due to leakage in head gasket or heater core, etc., it is serious. So, check the coolant level once a month and replace the coolant after servicing the car radiator.