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10 Secrets to Keep Your Car in Top Condition

We invest a lot of our savings in buying a car, in furnishing our homes with the most modern amenities, and on other luxury goods to make life more convenient. Hence, it is only fair that you invest your time and efforts as well in maintaining these goods to avoid big-term losses and major inconvenience. Here are 10 simple tips to maintain your car in the best condition even beyond the van lease hire period.

  1. Most importantly is to check the engine oil and change it periodically.
  2. Additionally, change the transmission oils at regular intervals.
  3. Further, ensure to check and change the brake fluids regularly.
  4. Grease all the moving parts of your car frequently to reduce friction and unexpected wear and tear.
  5. Moreover, ensure to maintain the car battery and periodically check the functioning of the car belts and the seat belts.
  6. Maintain your cooling system by flushing it with a coolant at least once a year.
  7. Always check the condition of the car tires. In addition to filling the air and checking its pressure, you should also check for punctures or flats when you hear unpleasant noises and make it a habit to change the tires at least every five years for a better and safe drive.
  8. It is recommended to protect the interiors of the car in addition to taking care of the external parts and the engine parts. For this using vehicle shades, window deflector screen, and using a UV protection will prevent the interiors from drying out.
  9. Another secret to keeping your car paint look fresh and new as always is to apply a good quality coat of wax to maintain the shine.
  10. Finally, keep your car clean both on the inside and on the outside always.

“Prevention is better than cure” not only applies to humans but also to certain things that have an expiry date. Therefore, take care of your car and drive safe always.