Top 10 Ways To Beat Stress While Stuck In A Traffic Jam

Read on to know about the top 10 ways to beat stress while landlocked in a traffic jam:

  1. Listening to something:  Listen to melodious music or motivational talk or anything of your choice.  You may be so busy with your work that you never heard the latest music album of your favorite  Take this opportunity and start listening.
  2. Meditation: I can hear you laughing. There are types of meditations which do not require the closing of eyes.  Those can be done parallelly when you are doing some other work like driving.  This will reduce your anxiety level.
  3. Reading: Take this chance to use your time in reading little books, inspirational quotes on life, small articles in e-magazine etc.
  4. Chat happily: When you are driving alone use the time to call your loved ones.  If you are traveling with the loved one, just engage in a happy chat.  Discuss pleasant things and beat stress.
  5. Games: Start playing some sweet game like guess the next song
  6. Cleaning: Clean and arrange the things within the reach.  Always stock some tissues in the car.  Wipe the areas near your seat.  Arrange the scattered papers and magazines inside the car neatly
  7. List out: Prepare a list of things to be done during the weekend, grocery and shopping list.
  8. Finish petty works: Finish small jobs like calling and reminding plumber, completing the online transfer, checking easy recipes etc.  These will not make you deeply involved and are tiny jobs which you can do while keeping an eye on the road situation.
  9. Food: Stock a few items like biscuits and dry fruits.  You can munch them and save yourself from hunger pangs due to delay.
  10. Exercise: You can do simple neck exercises and hand stretching exercises.  Breathing exercise can be done in AC car.